Mimi is a Gift from the Organizational Gods to humanity to save us from drowning in our stuff! She is fast, efficient, reasonable, reliable, punctual, hysterical, Salt of the Earth, and she may even end up a friend for life, featured prominently on your business brochure, as she has for me, so take my word for it, CALL HER NOW, SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Andrew Goodman

She also organized, decorated, and landscaped

Mimi’s clear communication with all involved brought our project to a timely conclusion within budget. Mimi’s favorite phrase in making product selections is “Do you love it?” In conclusion, Mimi elevated our style, and as a result we will enjoy our lovely home for many years.

Mary Andrews

Mimi – she is one of a kind

She is so easy to have around — which is important when you consider how much time you may potentially be spending with an organizer. Enter Mimi, with her gentle, focused and friendly approach, and we were able to do massive amounts of downsizing–and feel good doing it! I can’t believe the difference she made in our aged St Louis basement, making it a place I actually like to be in!

Liz Wiley

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