Never Underestimate the Power of the Tray!

Trays serve a dual purpose of organizing items and making the area more visually appealing. It’s amazing how they can make multiple items go from cluttered to purposeful.

  • Corral Hair and Skin Products on a Tray on the Bathroom counter.
  • Corral Alcohol Bottles and Accessories to Create a Mini Bar.
  • Corral Perfume Bottles on the Bathroom Counter or a Dresser.
  • Corral Decorative Items and the TV remote on an Ottoman or Cocktail Table.
  • Corral Decorative Ornaments on a Tray to display for Christmas.
  • Corral Frequently Used Spices, Cooking Utensils, Oils and Vinegar on a Tray Near the Stove.

Photo Courtesy of Epicurious

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