Set the Date…To Organize Your Garage!

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to schedule your garage organization days.  Whether you choose to work as a team with Design Solutions  (I hope you do!).  Or go it alone.  Here are some points to remember:

  • Attack your garage in this order:
    • 1. Sort by Like Items.
    • 2. Purge Items not used, expired, or in bad condition.
    • 3.  Assign a home for the kept items.
    • 4.  Purchase Containers to corral items together.
    • 5. Maintain the organization at least twice a year.
  • Think Vertically.  Store those items from the Ceiling to the Floor to Maximize Space.  Overhead lofts or Racks allow you to stow items above your cars.  Now you can access your rarely used items like Holiday decor with the touch of a button.  New Overhead Racks use Bluetooth motors that smoothly lift and lower your items through an app on your smartphone.  No more dragging out the ladder and straining to reach items.
  • More cabinets in a garage will hide all those unsightly items and keep dust off them (for the most part).
  • In other areas of the home, clear containers are preferred.  However, the garage is the space to have opaque containers to hide unsightly contents.  They should be clearly labeled.  Keeping bins the same helps to give a clean, uniform appearance to the space.
  • Once everything is up off the floor, consider polished Concrete or Epoxy floors for a custom look and easier-to-clean floors.



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